Buy Or Sell Pre-Owned SolidBox Workstations

SolidBox Exchange

At SolidBox, we understand that quality and performance rarely ever coincide with an easy-to-swallow price tag. But our philosophy demands that our products set the benchmark for quality and performance, and our customers understand that we focus on building the best machine for the job, instead of aiming for a price point. Although we’re able to remain competitive with the big-box resellers’ prices, we’re constantly looking for ways to add more value to the final product, and that’s what sets us apart.

However, we realize that a fully decked out M6800 with the latest Haswell generation of Intel processors and an NVIDIA Quadro K5100 might be out of certain customers’ price ranges. That’s why we’ve begun the SolidBox Exchange.

The SolidBox Exchange is a way to give your 1 – 3 year old workstation a second life.

We hear this all the time: I’d love to upgrade to the newest generation of Dell workstations, but I just invested in an M4600 two years ago, and it still works great. Well, now you’re able to exchange your old workstation and apply the trade-in amount to that M6800 you’ve been spying.

We’ve developed an inventory of SolidBox Exchanged systems that are available for immediate sale. If your budget is prohibitive but you still need a top-notch workstation that can handle heavy simulation, or massive 80,000 part assemblies, now’s your chance to experience the SolidBox difference. Once each SolidBox Exchange system is received back in our lab, it undergoes a complete Refresh, reviving every ounce of performance it had when it was built. We also assess the hardware spec of each workstation and upgrade internal components that are approaching obsolescence to keep your machine modern.

We have the following models in stock, but the price varies based on the component spec within each model. Call for individual pricing.

Dell M4600
Dell M4700
Dell M6500
Dell M6600
Dell M6700






We are actively seeking SolidBox customers who are interested in Exchanging their workstation to keep up with our inventory demands, so give us a call today to see what your 1 – 3 year old SolidBox is worth toward one of SolidBox’s newest generation workstations.