SOLIDWORKS Continuing Education Program

You made a substantial investment when you purchased your SOLIDWORKS software and probably invested a significant amount into initial training. How many years ago was that? Do your designers remember all those skills they once learned? How do your employees stack up against Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts? Are they learning all the new features that could save you thousands of dollars a year?

At SolidBox, we have been providing specialized CAD and CAM training since 2005. We know that continuing education is as important as initial training. It’s the only way to ensure that your team is equipped to solve design, analysis, and manufacturing problems as quickly as possible.

We have developed a SOLIDWORKS Continuing Education Program that determines which skills your team currently has and what they need help with. We also expose them to the latest enhancements that could save time. For the customer, success is measured in time savings and knowledgeable employees. For the designers and engineers, success is measured in achieving SOLIDWORKS and SolidBox Certifications.

SolidBox breaks its continuing education program into 3 Sections:

Baseline Testing

We provide a series of short online exams that help quantify the skills your team currently possesses. These exams test proficiency with CAD, CAE, and CAM. The results help SolidBox develop a company-specific curriculum that will help your team become more effective.

“The initial testing was very insightful. We found gaps in our SOLIDWORKS knowledge. We didn’t know that there were so many tools within 2D drawing that we were not using.

-A. Rivera, C.R. Bard

Custom Learning Paths & Certification

With our partnership with SolidProfessor, we create employee-specific learning paths that ensure that each person on your team is challenged and educated appropriately. Also, we track their progress each month, present those results to management, and then provide one-on-one or group mentorship to help get them to the next level. Our partnership with SOLIDWORKS enables us to offer a variety of certification exams to validate your team’s progress.

Company-Specific Knowledge Capture & Training

Every company is unique, and if you have been in business for several years, you have a significant challenge when bringing a new hire up to speed. With our partnership with SolidProfessor, we create a company-specific training portal where we develop and present custom content that helps educate your employees on your company’s specific processes and policies. Customized exams on the training portal help assure management that their new hires know their stuff.

By the Numbers

As of December 2019, there are approximately 3.25 million SOLIDWORKS users worldwide, and only 120,000 of those users are Certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals! Make sure your team has the skills to keep your company competitive!

Employers report an increase in productivity from their designers immediately after participating in the training related to our certification prep courses. On average, users report saving up to 1-2 Hours per Week within SOLIDWORKS.

Companies throughout the US spend an average of $1,750 to $2,500 per employee per year on continuing education training. And many companies spend in excess of $3,500 per year on software tools to help deliver and track that training. Our partnership with SolidProfessor enables us to provide a comprehensive continuing education experience that simplifies the entire process and keeps the costs low. As a result, our customers on average pay less than $1,875 per employee per year.

How to Start

Contact your SolidBox Expert today and we will perform a complimentary evaluation of your company’s needs within 1 day. Employee assessments can begin immediately. From there, we can propose a custom training program to fit any budget. In our evaluation we will also identify opportunities to capture and document company-specific training.