SOLIDWORKS System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for SOLIDWORKS and every SolidBox custom laptop and custom workstation meets these requirements. You might get by with the minimum SOLIDWORKS system requirements for basic part modeling and working with small assemblies. However, the bare minimum won’t cut the mustard for most SOLIDWORKS users. Without a custom laptop or custom workstation that meets the minimum system requirements for SOLIDWORKS, you risk loss of productivity. Moreover, if your system doesn’t meet the minimum SOLIDWORKS system requirements, it could become unstable and result in lost data. Therefore, if you’re unsure about what is best for your use-case, reach out to us. Give us a call at 877-697-9269 or email us and we can pair you with the right custom laptop or custom workstation.

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Operating SystemWindows 10 x64
RAM16GB bare minimum; 32GB recommended
ECC Recommended
Video CardNVIDIA Quadro Series
Processor3.3 GHz (Turbo) or higher
Install MediaDVD drive or broadband internet connection.
Browsers (PDM Web2 Client)Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge,
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari
Excel and Word2016, 2019
NetworkMicrosoft Windows networking only.