Epigrid – SolidBox Partner at SolidWorks World

Are you going to SolidWorks World 2015? You know SolidBox will be there, and if you’re excited about that, you should also be excited about our partners being there. One such partner is Epigrid, whose Full Hosting Service that enables your company to access your data from anywhere. This great company leverages today’s technology and world class data centers to store your critical data and equipment. Here is their press-release announcing their participation in SolidWorks World 2015:

EpiGrid Full Hosting Service

Is everyone as EXCITED about SOLIDWORKS World 2015 as we are?  All of us at EpiGrid can not wait to see what the rest of our community has been up to in the past year.  We know we have been busy and have HUGE things to share with you!

Please visit us at booth #118 to catch up and learn more about the EpiGrid Advantage!

EpiGrid SolidWorks World 2015