The Hub-Steer Motorcycle Project – SolidBox Presents

SolidBox Hub-Steer Motorcycle Project

Designing innovative products is one of our passions here at SolidBox. That’s why we got into this business in the first place. Our main goal is to help users of SolidWorks, Mastercam, and Adobe CS6 maximize the most powerful design and manufacturing software on the planet to realize their own passion for creation. But when we’re not helping you break barriers with your SolidBox, you can bet that we’re probably designing, tinkering, and coming up with crazy ideas of our own to help push the limits of this very same software.

Recently, the SolidBox team was approached by the good folks at MLC CAD Systems to mount and document a CAD and CAM project of unprecedented scope. The task was to design a Hub-Steer Motorcycle from the ground up using SolidWorks and Mastercam for SolidWorks, and to document every step of the way. MLC CAD Systems is the leading reseller of SolidWorks in the southern United States, as well as a provider of industry leading training to future CAD gurus. MLC CAD Systems has offered space on their website, to showcase all 15 hours of the 12 episodes of this project. Watch the series trailer by clicking here.

Hub Steer Scene Render

Those of us familiar with motorcycle design know that the steering is characteristically manipulated by handlebars that connect directly to the front wheel via the front fork. By cutting out the middle man of the fork, a whole new challenge is presented, but a challenge that design geeks like us live for. Watch as Chris Castle and Matt Perez use every tool in the SolidWorks and Mastercam for SolidWorks arsenal to design, analyze, and plot out each tooling path to make this project a reality. Each episode breaks down every step taken from hand drawings to finished product.

The Hub-Steer Motorcycle Project showcases the power Solidworks and Mastercam for Solidworks gives designers. With amazing, intuitive tools, such as Flow Analysis, Kinematics, Dynamic Suspension Simulation, Finite Element Analysis, Complex Surfacing, and Advanced 5-Axis CNC Programming, it’s easy to see why SolidWorks and Mastercam are your winning CAD/CAM combo.

Hub Steer Scene Render