Mice – The Performance MX mouse

“The Performance MX mouse, is the best freaking mouse I’ve ever used. End of Story!”, screams the founder of SolidBox. We agree with Chris’ excitement. The Performance MX must have been designed by a SolidWorks user. The first thing you’ll notice about the wireless MX is its good looks. But good looks serve no purpose when you’re a mouse. Instead the good looks translate into awesome ergonomics. Your thumb will rest gently around this 9 button mouse, regardless if you have dainty little hands or hands that resemble a catcher’s mitt.
The MX mouse has a perfect glide on almost any surface. And the patented “Dark Field” technology will allow this mouse to work, even on a glass desk! You’ll find that the MX mouse is extremely well balanced, not too heavy, but enough weight to feel in control.
Our favorite feature on the MX is its dual mode scroll wheel. The scroll wheel can transform between a freewheeling flywheel, and a typical “indexed” scroll wheel.
“I like to use the flywheel option when I’m working on Excel. I can flick the wheel and let it spin to the end of the spreadsheet. I then switch it to index mode when I’m in SolidWorks, so my zooming doesn’t get out of control.”, says Ryan