New Functionality for Working With Equations

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We here at SolidBox value productivity above all in our applications and of course, our hardware. Each week, we’ll be giving you a tip to help you enhance your productivity with SolidWorks specifically. Sorry, we can’t help you with the hours you spend on Youtube each week watching cat videos. Nonetheless, hopefully you can learn something to make your SolidWorks experience easier. This week we’ll be discussing the new functionality for working with equations in SolidWorks.

Equations can help keep a model’s proportions just how you need them, no matter how many edits you make. Over the years, SolidWorks has quietly seen incremental upgrades to how Equations work. SolidWorks 2013 gives designers the ability to use Equations in more ways than ever. This video outlines the improvements brought to the Equation tools and walks you through how to make the most of the new functionality.

Working With Equations Video Tutorial Screenshot