Jeremy Luchini

Jeremy is the Founder of Luchini Design Inc., a product design and development firm in Boston, Massachusetts.  With over 20 years of CAD industry experience, he has worked and partnered with some of the world’s best technology and product manufacturing companies.  Today he’s designing supercars for Factory Five Racing using SOLIDWORKS, Power Surfacing and NVidia’s Holodeck Virtual Reality environment.

Prior to starting his own company Jeremy was the long-time certification director for SOLIDWORKS Corp. and responsible for the entire catalog of certification exams still available today.  With explosive company growth and high demand for certifications, Jeremy and his team built two of the most sought after test programs for CAD ever:  The Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert exam (for end-users) and the Elite Application Engineer exam (for resellers).  During his last few years at SOLIDWORKS he also hosted the company’s global web series program, where he showcased the advanced capabilities of SOLIDWORKS and helped build full-scale prototypes voted on by the viewing audience.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.   In his spare time, Jeremy and his wife Karen spend time motorcycling, hiking and camping across the USA and Canada.