Matt Perez

Matt Perez, a SolidBox team member since 2011, works out of Blacksburg, VA.  Matt has worked in the industry from the ground up starting with Motorcycle and Car mechanics, Fabrication all the way up to design in Cad and CAM.  Matt placed his early focus on Complex Surfacing and Plastic Part Design but excels in all aspects of product design from Conceptual models to Production.

Matt was one of the first non-VAR CSWEs and has been using SOLIDWORKS since 2009.  Before SOLIDWORKS he worked in several CAD suites including Inventor, NX and Autocad.  Matt also has spent a great deal of time in reverse engineering, laser scanning as well as NC programming.  With a strong foundation in many of the most popular CAM packages on the market as well as a long history of manual machining and fabrication he is ready to help anyone tackle the challenge of getting “up to speed” in design and manufacturing.