Pluralsight and SolidBox Team Up To Provide Fusion 360 Training

Autodesk Fusion 360

For the past year+, the SolidBox team has been making the most of our partnership with Autodesk. Most noteworthy, this includes the SolidBox team training and evangelizing about Autodesk’s cloud-based CAD suite, Fusion 360. As a result, SolidBox has engaged in several highly-successful live training events as the premiere provider of Fusion 360 training. Additionally, SolidBox has participated in webinars and remote training across the US.

Based on the buzz created by these public training events, SolidBox was approached by the industry leader, Pluralsight to create custom training courses. Specifically, these custom training courses would be a part of their library of unique online streaming video tutorials. In case you’re not familiar with Pluralsight, it’s your comprehensive source for training courses dedicated to all sectors of the technology industry. Namely, there are courses on coding Java and C++, courses on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as Fusion 360 training, and all other CAD platforms. Furthermore, Pluralsight engages professionals from each respective industry to provide the educational content, and organizes it according to highly researched methods. Ultimately, the end result is an online learning experience unlike any other you’ve tried before, one that flows from topic to topic, module to module in an easy-to-follow sequence.

SolidBox Fusion 360 Training on Pluralsight

With 5 courses already published and 4 more scheduled for release this month, SolidBox will be the most represented content source for Fusion 360 training out of all course authors on Pluralsight. Consequently, if you’re looking to learn some unique skills in Fusion 360, look no further than Pluralsight. In particular, here is a list of the current SolidBox Fusion 360 training courses available on Pluralsight:

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Fusion 360 Educational Courses

Getting Started with Surface Modeling

Design for Injection Molding

Fusion 360 Injection Molding

Pluralsight Team up

Wooden Toy Design

Biomedical Design

Fusion 360 biomedical design

Fusion 360 architectural Desgin

Architectural Hardware Design

Courses to be added soon:

Casted Metal Design

Fusion 360 Essentials – Drawings

File Structure Mangement

Unique Design Environment with Bodies and Components

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