BlackBox Aviator


At SolidBox, we put a lot of effort into ensuring maximum performance and stability out of your system. With a BlackBox Aviator, you have an external hard drive with a system image of your computer just as was when it left our lab so you can get back to peak performance if something goes wrong.

Product Description

BlackBox Aviator is a program offered exclusively through SolidBox. In the event that your computer performance slows at any point, BlackBox Aviator allows you to restore to a System Image stored on an external hard drive that will come with your SolidBox workstation.

This program is completely customizable, allowing you to save further System Images once you have your personalized settings tweaked just how you like.

With BlackBox Aviator, you will have step by step instruction from the SolidBox crew to help you keep your work station running as efficiently as possible should the need arise.

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Additional information

Weight 4.53592 lbs

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