Combat Computer Slow Down with SolidBox’s BlackBox Program

SolidBox BlackBox Program Captain Option Aviator Option

Computers take a lot of abuse. We load up our hard drive with bulky programs that we use once and forget about. We get in a rush and close the lid of our laptop without properly shutting it down. Some of us can’t live without our speed-sapping Steam Client. Some users even install a new operating system on top of another without wiping the system clean. Windows allows you to restore your system to various checkpoints, but that is hit or miss at best. Most users fail to recognize that it even exists. Wouldn’t it be nice to press a button and restore your computer to its original factory settings?  Well, now with the SolidBox BlackBox program, we give you the ability to restore your workstation to its original glory with two easy, fool-proof options.

The SolidBox BlackBox Program

With the SolidBox BlackBox program, you will never be stuck with a slow computer as a result of previous abuse. With two options for complete computer restoration, BlackBox allows you to restore your SolidBox to the original system settings, making your workstation run like new. It’s your choice, between our Aviator or Captain option.

The Aviator Option

With Aviator, we create an identical System Image of your SolidBox on an external hard drive before it leaves our facility. This external drive is then packaged with your workstation. Then, if you notice your system slowing down, you can use that System Image to revert your workstation back to its original settings.

The Aviator option only requires 20 minutes to restore your workstation to the factory-tuned SolidBox image, and then you’re ready to go. The SolidBox crew will also help you with some preventative maintenance by walking you through the creation of additional System Images to give you more options for restoration. This way, you can customize your Solidworks settings just how you like them, and then create another System Image so the hard work that goes into program setup won’t go to waste.

The Captain Option

The Captian option makes life even easier for you. Instead of an external hard drive containing a System Image of your initial SolidBox factory settings, we provide you with a Cloned Hard Drive that is a complete working clone of your main hard drive. This cloned hard drive is an exact duplicate of the drive that shows up in your SolidBox and can be swapped out and booted immediately.

Since this cloned drive is a duplicate of your factory settings made before you receive your workstation, it will be free from all of the bloat picked up over time that slowed down your original drive. But, that also means it will not have any programs or customizations that you made after receiving your SolidBox. However, the SolidBox crew will help you with the logistics of leveraging normal system backups with a cloned hard drive to get you the best of both worlds.

We at SolidBox provide you with workstations that are optimized for their intended use, but we know that computer performance can slow down over time for a variety of reasons. This’s why we’ve created the BlackBox program. With two painless and easy options for complete system restoration, we want to make sure that your computer saves you time, not wastes it.