TMCo Inc. using SolidBox

SolidBox recently completed a sale to TMCo Inc. of Wewoka, OK. They specialize in the manufacture of orifice fittings for the measurement of natural gas.

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Jamie Broyles, Engineering Manager at TMCo, called to tell us how stoked he was about his new setup (a Professional Mobile System – M6500 Covet), and a little bit about how it’s helped make his job easier:

SB – How long have you been using SolidWorks?

JB – About 8 years.

SB – Why did you decide to go with SolidBox?

JB – I had never had a computer system that would truly run Solidworks to its full potential. All the past systems would lockup, shut down, or overheat. So, before I started with TMCo they told me to get what I wanted so I called Jay Clanahan with MLC CAD in Stillwater and he told me about Solidbox.

SB – What’s one of the biggest challenges you face in designing orifice fittings? How has using 3D CAD helped?

JB – One of the biggest challenges is all the configurations that we make and Solidworks makes it easy. We can create a basic model and then generate a design table to help produce the rest. Then we can run it all through the Simulation to prove out the design.

SB – Why did you choose a mobile solution as opposed to a more powerful desktop solution?

JB – I wanted something that I could use at work, home or on the road without having to transfer files from one computer to the other.

SB – How were you able to help your company understand your hardware needs as a 3D CAD user?

JB – TMCo already understood the demands that Solidworks has on a computer; that is why there was no problem when it came to getting the package that I needed.

Jamie also adds,

“I had a great experience with Chris and Joel at Solidbox. They are both very knowledgeable of computers as well as what it takes to work with Solidworks. I will highly recommend to anyone, who uses Solidworks or any other CAD/CAM software to give Chris or Joel a call at Solidbox!”

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