What ails ya’? – A SolidBox Discussion

So, we all know that a faster workstation makes for a more enjoyable work experience, but what about the OTHER hardware you deal with day to day? Like your chair, your desk, your keyboard, your mouse?

Maybe you don’t have to worry about your chair crashing, but perhaps it’s still a pain in the butt… or back, or legs? Especially for those of us who spend most of our day behind a desk cranking out designs in SolidWorks.

Something that is becoming an issue more and more for me personally has been input devices. Especially mice. Whenever I’m “in the zone”, the clickity-clackity of the mouse can really start to take its toll on my wrist and back of my hands. I’ve had to some up with some strange ways of dealing with it. A few years ago, I injured my lower back, and have since had to try and find ways to get work done relatively pain free.

All of this can affect our productivity, and our ability to enjoy the other fun stuff we like to do BESIDES designing in 3D.

So, really… what ails you? Let us know what type of work environment conditions you have to work in, and how it affects your productivity. In the coming months we’ll be taking a closer look at how to tackle these issues, and what products and new technologies are out there to help alleviate the ailing.

Send in your pictures of your best & worst work environments you’ve had to work in. Let’s see who’s got it bad, and who’s livin’ large!