3Dconnexion Launches New Wireless Device – The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

SolidBox Product Introduction

3Dconnexion has been the leading provider of 3D CAD modeling devices since the dawn of the millennium. We’ve been in love with every 3Dconnexion device we’ve gotten our hands on. Candidly, from the first SpaceMouse that predated USB (it attached via the long forgotten Serial Port) to the robust and programmable SpacePilot Pro. Nonetheless, it seems that 3Dconnexion is focused on blazing a new trail. Indeed, they’re doing so by eliminating the wires on these CAD-enhancing devices altogether with the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless. We’re now one step closer to the complete, cordless CAD workstation.

We’ve already become well acquainted with 3Dconnexion’s first foray into the cordless generation – the SpaceMouse Wireless. You can read our initial impressions of this powerful little device by clicking here. Now, 3Dconnexion has upped the ante once again, with the introduction of the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless.

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Wireless cordless CAD workstation

If the SpaceMouse Wireless is the cordless version of the entry-level SpaceNavigator, the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless is a wireless version of, as you might have guessed, the SpaceMouse Pro. In fact, of all of the devices offered by 3Dconnexion, the SpaceMouse Pro has held a special place in all of our hearts here at SolidBox. With just the right amount of controls without getting too confusing, yet all of the functionality of a professional-level device, the SpaceMouse Pro strikes an amazing balance of power, usability, and cost effectiveness. As a result, we’re excited to spend some serious modeling time with the device sitting beautifully un-tethered to our workstations.

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Ports

First Look – SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Tech Specs

  • Patented 6-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) controller cap
  • 2.4 GHz Communication signal between device and USB dongle
  • 2 Month Battery Life
  • 15 Buttons for easy on-screen access to commands
  • On-Screen Display provides a convenient on-screen reminder of the commands assigned to its Intelligent Function Keys
  • 2 USB cables and a twin-port USB hub to ensure that you won’t run out of ports when charging

3Dconnexion twin-port USB hub

One Step Closer to a Cordless CAD Workstation

Look for a comprehensive SolidBox review of the brand-new SpaceMouse Pro Wireless after we’ve logged some serious hours on the device. Altogether, we’re truly excited to make it one step closer to a truly cordless CAD workstation.