SolidBox Setup: Chad Garrish Of Epigrid’s Ultra Mobile L2

SolidBox Setup Tips

When we launched our new Ultra Seriesearlier this year, Chad Garrish of Epigrid was one of the first to adopt the new, light-weight platform. After seeing our demo unit at SolidWorks World, Chad said, “It looks good, but will it push two external monitors?” All it took was a single affirmative for him to next exclaim, “I’ll take one, I’ve already got an idea about how I’ll set it up.

Naturally, we were excited when we received these pictures of Chad’s sleek Ultra Mobile in action.

SolidBox SolidWorks Engineer Professional Office

What you immediately notice is that there are no wires cluttering up the joint. Chad’s goal for a completely wireless workstation has been achieved through investment in wireless peripherals, and some clever routing of cables that must exist.

Next, Chad was able to utilize a Dell SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Docking Station to tie each individual piece into the unified workstation you see today.

SolidBox SolidWorks Engineering Professional Office

We also think the mahogany desk and executive chair make this a workstation truly worthy of the SolidBox name. We love seeing how all of our customers utilize their SolidBox, so send us pictures of your SolidBox workstation in action and we might just feature it right here!

Epigrid is one of SolidBox’s closest partners. With PDM solutions for any business size, Epigrid offers a unique service of the highest quality.

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About Epirgid: At EpiGrid, we believe PDM should refine and optimize engineering process and procedures—not complicate matters. We also strongly feel that the cost of achieving this should be manageable for companies of all sizes—both implementation and PDM management. Our PDM implementation process was carefully developed to offer simple, streamlined and affordable product data management solutions.