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SolidBox has the privilege of providing businesses on the cutting edge of many exciting technologies with the SolidWorks workstations and servers they need to push the boundaries of what’s possible. By the same token, we take special pride in working with small and medium American companies that have harnessed the power of ingenuity to develop technologies and rise to the top of a highly competitive market. As a matter of fact, we love having our socks knocked off by the innovations of our customers that are changing the face of their respective industries. Marathon Heater is just such a company, by using the most advanced technologies and processes to accommodate customers seeking electric heating elements and sensors.

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What exactly is a heating element? As you might guess, a heating element is a device that translates electricity into heat for a specific application. In particular, the corresponding sensors track the energy consumption/output to ensure the element is performing its job at optimal efficiency. A vast array of industries use Heating elements requiring the delivery of specific amounts of heat to given areas. These industries include packaging, heat sealing, laminating, injection molds and plastic extrusion, hot stamping, food processing, and more. Marathon Heater is the premiere manufacturer of electric heating elements and sensors in the US.

Marathon Heater

An Introduction to Marathon Heater

Based in Del Rio, TX, Marathon Heater has been providing industries with heating elements and sensors for 18 years. Accordingly, their catalog has grown to include hundreds of products with seemingly infinite configurations from which to choose. Can’t find what you’re looking for on their comprehensive website? No sweat, Marathon Heater will design the unit you need based on your individual specifications for no charge. With this commitment to customer service and industry know-how in mind, it’s no surprise that Inc. magazine selected Marathon Heater as one of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the US.

Meeting the Needs of Marathon Heater with SolidWorks Workstations

The SolidBox team recently had the opportunity to visit with Marathon Heater. When company owner and President Mike Wrob decided to make the company-wide switch from outdated and underpowered design software (AutoCad 2D and Alibre) to a network license of SolidWorks 2014, Marathon Heater reached out to us. In short, Mike wanted his team of engineers to get the most out of the mightiest CAD software available. Therefore, he made the wise decision to invest in ten new SolidBox SolidWorks Workstations. This way, Mike’s engineers wouldn’t be paid to watch under-powered computers attempting to crank through SolidWorks‘ intrinsic 3D data. With these ten new Creative Desktop Level 2s, complete with 3Dconnexion SpaceMice Wireless and Wireless Logitech keyboards and mice, Mike and his team will embark on a whole new era of design.

Marathon Heater SolidBox SolidWorks Workstations

Marathon Heater

Quality On-site Support from SOLIDBOX

Del Rio, TX native and SolidBox owner and co-founder, Chris Castle had the pleasure of helping Marathon Heater set up their new SolidBox SolidWorks workstations, as well as provide a few days of hands-on SolidWorks training. While their ten SolidWorks workstations were still in our lab, we teamed up with Marathon Heater’s SolidWorks Reseller, MLC CAD Systems, to ensure that the hardware implementation was truly a plug-and-play experience. Afterwards, once all of the workstations were in place and fired up, the whole engineering team jumped into their MLC CAD Systems Custom On-Site Training course with an emphasis on SolidWorks Essentials. Truly, it’s always exciting and gratifying to watch a group of SolidWorks newbies evolve into 3D mouse-wielding CAD ninjas, and we have no doubt that Mike’s crew will become SolidWorks masters very soon.

Marathon Heater and SOLIDBOX – Industry Leading Customer Service

Mike and every one of his over 130 employees have a commitment to providing industry leading customer service. That’s along with the best heating elements and sensors money can buy. Indeed, this is evident after spending time with this dedicated staff. We’ll check with Mike and his company in one year with a full report documenting their progress as SolidWorks users. Furthermore, we’ll evaluate how the SolidBox SolidWorks workstations have fared after a full year of heavy use. Stay tuned for that, and other Customer Spotlights featuring industry-leading SolidBox customers.

Contact Marathon Heaters about their industry leading heating elements and sensors:

Marathon Heater

808 Hackberry Ln, Del Rio, TX 78840

(830) 775-1417


Marathon Heater

Chris even helped guide the Marathon Heater bowling team to a 1st place finish after completing the On-Site SolidWorks training. Matter of fact, Chris can substitute in for any bowling league teams with the purchase of any SolidBox SolidWorks workstation.*

*Offer applies to any order of 10 or more systems!