Concurrent Design, Inc. – SolidBox Customer Spotlight

SolidBox Customer Spotlight

SolidBox has the privilege of providing businesses on the cutting edge of many exciting technologies with the workstations and servers they need to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We take special pride in working with the little guys, the small companies that have harnessed the power of ingenuity to develop technologies and rise to the top of a highly competitive market. We love having our socks knocked off by the innovations of small businesses with big ideas that are changing the face of their respective industries. Concurrent Design, Inc. is just such a company, by using the most advanced technologies and processes to accommodate customers seeking Product Design Engineering Services and New Product Development Services in a continuum of industry sectors.

Concurrent Design, Inc. Solar Energy Product

Based in Austin, TX, Concurrent Design’s client list reads as a who’s who of heavy hitters in industries ranging from electronics and personal computers (Intel, AMD, Dell) to Semiconductor Equipment (Applied Materials, Varian, Tokyo Electron) to Clean Technology providers (Emcore, SolarBridge, HelioVolt). Each client comes to Concurrent Design with a different set of needs, operational standards, and quite often, design guidelines that require specific design software. Concurrent Design accommodates Product Design Engineering Services and New Product Development Services for Commercial and Industrial Products, as well as the Custom Machine Design of Manufacturing Tools/Manufacturing Automation to create those products for a wide array of “clean” industries.  Although the bulk of Concurrent Design’s clients request Solar Energy Products and Semiconductor Capital Equipment, their engineers also design products for clients in the Clean Energy and Medical industries, as well as tools for Nanotechnology clients, and Electronics for a number of industries.

Concurrent Design, Inc. Solar Energy Products

Concurrent Design boasts the ability to not only design an immense range of products and tools, but also has the ability to manufacture and test prototypes based on each and every design. For 18 years, Concurrent Design has been providing complete Electro – Mechanical Engineering Design Services for the aforementioned product development, as well as Industrial Product Design for Semiconductor Tools and Equipment, Process Automation requiring Custom Machine Design, Custom Machine Design Engineering Services for Material Handling Equipment, Equipment Design Engineering for Manufacturing Tools or Factory Automation, Test Equipment Design Engineering Services for Manufacturing Quality Control, Engineering Analysis including Structural / Thermal / Fluids (FEM / FEA / CFD), Rapid Prototyping for New Product Development, Fabrication, Assembly, Test & Debug for Custom Machine Design, Project Management Consulting for the New Product Development Process, Professional Engineering Project Plans for startups seeking funding, and complete Mechanical Engineering Design Services including documentation. The most impressive part of all this is that these guys are good…really good. With an unwavering commitment to design excellence, it’s no wonder that Concurrent Design is thriving in so many areas of expertise.

Concurrent Design, Inc. Machinery Concurrent Design, Inc. was one of the earliest SolidBox customers. We instantly recognized the value they provide their customers, and it has inspired us to match that level of excellence. By sharing the same company values, Concurrent Design has trusted SolidBox to provide not only quality workstations for their CAD needs, but also trusts and praises the knowledge brought to the table by SolidBox as it relates to CAD hardware.

The guys at SolidBox are experts at SolidWorks and analysis. Their knowledge and understanding is unmatched. Chris and Joel have a keen appreciation for businesses like Concurrent Design, and recognize our need for out-of-the-box hardware that works, and works well. They understand the value brought to the discussion as it relates to CAD software, and they provide us with better tools for our job.”

-Tom Ortman, President Concurrent Design

One of the unique services we have provided for Concurrent Design was something we’ve never seen replicated in the CAD world. We successfully installed multiple versions of SolidWorks (2007-2012) and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire (2-4) onto one workstation to provide the versatility required to satisfy the varied needs of Concurrent Design’s clients. SolidBox helped develop the stable environment to make such an unheard of installation possible.

SolidBox Workstations are more than just computers, they are tools that provide designers with the ability to imagine something that hasn’t yet been imagined. Sometimes, the difference between a smooth and successful design and a complete failure is a reliable workstation that gets the job done without the usual headaches associated with computers.

Concurrent Design, Inc. Product

SolidBox strives to empower ingenuity by providing designers and engineers everywhere with the most reliable and customized tools for their individual and specific jobs. We are extremely proud and elated that we have provided Concurrent Design with just that.