Dell Accidental Damage Service: Ultimate Protection

Dell ProSupport

The SolidBox crew sheds some light on Dell’s comprehensive laptop support for accidental damage, Dell Accidental Damage Service.

The whole idea and benefit of the laptop computer is mobility. Laptops used to be bulky and underpowered as compared to their cousins who live on the tops of desks, but that is no longer the case. A high powered laptop can do everything a desktop can nowadays in sleaker, thinner designs that allow for even greater freedom of motion. In fact, I work exclusively on a SolidBox Dell Precision M6600 laptop for all of my SolidWorks, web design, and video editing projects. It does everything I need and I can take it with me wherever I go. However, mobility is a double edged sword when it comes to things as sensitive and complex as computers. With mobility comes the risk of dropping the thing, or falling down the stairs while it’s tucked away in your messenger bag. It’s a fact: laptops are far more susceptible to collision related damage than any desktop computer.

So, what do you do when you drop your laptop on your tile floor? In most cases, you cut your losses and buy a new one. However, Dell offers you a much more palatable alternative.

Dell Accidental Damage Service is offered for all Dell laptops as insurance against accidental damage due to liquid spills, electric surges, drops, falls, and any other collisions. If you’ve ever experienced any of these situations and lost a laptop, or have even come close, you immediately understand how amazing it is to know that Dell will either fix or replace unintentionally damaged parts for the first three years that you own the machine. Dell will even provide certified data destruction and disk disposal if they replace a part with sensitive information on it.

Dell understands the nature of laptops and that most accidents happen when you’re out on the job. As a result, Dell will make the repairs/replacements wherever you are when that accident happens. Dell handles the repairs/replacements themselves, so there is no dealing with a third party to get you back to work.

Dell Accidental Damage Service in conjunction with Dell ProSupport combine to give you the industry’s best protection plan to ensure that you’ll be able to keep working, even if the unfortunate occurs. Accidents happen, hardware fails, we just hope that neither occur with any regularity. However, if they do, Dell Accidental Damage Service and ProSupport have you covered from top to bottom.

Every SolidBox Dell Laptop comes standard with three years of Dell Accidental Damage Service and Dell ProSupport because we understand that you want to protect your investment. This is the best way we know how to do just that.