Dell ProSupport Plus: Peace of Mind for Your Workstation

Dell ProSupport

The SolidBox crew sheds some light on Dell’s industry leading technical and hardware support, Dell ProSupport Plus.

Because we’re in the computer business, we understand the value and importance of quality hardware. But no matter how impervious we may think we are to computer hiccups, it’s a fact that things break, parts fizzle, and our own knowledge fails us at times. One day, computer and human error might be a thing of the past. However, in the real world of today, we rely heavily on the much maligned “tech support”.

We know… you hate calling up tech support when things go wrong. Most users would rather make a trip to the DMV than hold on the line for an undisclosed amount of time, and eventually talk to someone in an undisclosed location who may or may not be able to help you. Enter Dell ProSupport Plus.

Dell also knows you hate dealing with those factors and has created the industry standard for tech support. Dell ProSupport Plus is a big reason why we at SolidBox supply only Dell boxes for your SOLIDWORKS needs. Dell ProSupport Plus offers the absolute best technical support experience in the business, which we think is essential when purchasing a computer that will be oh-so important to your success as a designer.

Dell ProSupport Plus

Dell ProSupport Plus

Picture this: every light in the office is off but yours. It’s after midnight and you’re 90% finished with your 10,000 part assembly. Suddenly, your motherboard stops reading data, bringing your progress to a halt. Without Dell ProSupport Plus, your options are pretty limited. However, with Dell ProSupport Plus, you can call their highly trained technical support call centers 24/7 and receive the same support you would during regular business hours.

Once you’ve dialed in, your wait time is guaranteed to be less than two minutes. Two minutes! Once you’re connected with one of Dell’s ProSupport Plus technical analysts, you speak with someone in a call center based right here in America with a much higher level of training than most technical support outlets. These analysts know what you’re talking about even if you don’t, but more importantly, they know how to get you back up and running. If the diagnosis reveals that faulty hardware is causing your problem, Dell will send out a technician the very next day (the same day in some instances) and replace your damaged part. Dell also gives the caller the option to have a replacement part sent the next day if the user wishes to swap it out him or herself. Either way, Dell ensures that the technician and/or part will arrive within eight hours of the conclusion of the initial ProSupport phone call, and in many instances, Dell can have you back on your feet in as little as four, or even two hours.

Dell ProSupport Plus can also be accessed via email and chat if the phone isn’t your preferred method of contact. The support you receive is the same no matter how you initiate it. A Dell ProSupport Plus professional will act as a point of contact regarding resolution management, escalation, and status updates regarding your issue.

Back to your 10,000 part assembly. After speaking with a Dell ProSupport Plus analyst, it appears that your graphics card has caused the motherboard issue and also needs to be replaced. Good news, Dell has developed third party vendor collaboration support that covers every piece of hardware inside your Dell. The ProSupport technician can replace your graphics card and motherboard in one visit. You won’t have to wait for the GPU to arrive separately in some vague timeframe.

The bottom line is this: Dell ProSupport Plus goes above and beyond typical technical support to ensure that you lose the least amount of time possible due to computer problems. We at SolidBox have dealt with HP, Lenovo, and other manufacturers in the past and the support we’ve received from those vendors is less than satisfying in most cases. This was a major factor in our decision to side with Dell for our custom built workstations. We’ve used ProSupport ourselves, and every time we are dumbfounded by the quality and speed of the support we receive.

The support offered by Dell ProSupport Plus isn’t limited to the main points outlined above, as they offer program value in many other ways. Also available are:

  • Access to Online Global Command Centers and support forums for suggestions and help
  • Options for Microsoft-specific software support
  • Proactive maintenance to prevent system disasters
  • Remote Advisory Services for complex IT problems, installations, migrations, and configurations

At SolidBox, we know that your work is important, and we want you to be able to get the most out of your workstation. That’s why every computer we sell comes standard with 3 years of Dell ProSupport Plus.