JodyJazz Saxophone and Clarinet Mouthpieces

SolidBox Customer Spotlight

SolidBox has the privilege of providing businesses on the cutting edge of many exciting technologies with the workstations and servers they need to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We take special pride in working with the little guys, the small companies that have harnessed the power of ingenuity to develop technologies and rise to the top of a highly competitive market. We love having our socks knocked off by the innovations of small businesses with big ideas that are changing the face of their respective industries. JodyJazz is just such a company, with award winning mouthpieces for saxophones and clarinets, created using highly advanced technologies and techniques.

JodyJazz Mouthpiece

JodyJazz was founded by renowned sax player and pedagogue, Jody Espina. With a commitment to exacting production standards and an ever growing list of customers, (revenue in excess of $1 million annually) JodyJazz has grown to become the highest Alexa rated saxophone mouthpiece producer in the country. JodyJazz has adopted modern technologies to continue to grow the quality and versatility of their mouthpieces. The TAG Excalibur Award Winning DV (DaVinci) Series was perfected with the use of 3D modeling in SolidWorks, and CNC machining to ensure consistency throughout the manufacturing process. Each DV Series mouthpiece is then hand finished, individually tested to ensure quality and then electroplated in either 24-Carat gold or beautiful silver. One of the highest priced saxophone mouthpieces in the world, the DV Series shares its proportions with the illustrious Stradivarius violin, which utilizes construction based on the Golden Mean. With a fanatic attention to detail, JodyJazz has positioned itself as the crème de la crème of mouthpieces for single-reed instruments.

JodyJazz Manufacturing

Since many of JodyJazz’s designs rely on 3D modeling within SolidWorks, they count on SolidBox to provide the hardware to get the job done. By switching from more traditional methods of design to 3D modeling, JodyJazz is able to make precise calculations in complex geometries much quicker and with more accuracy. From day one, their SolidBox workstations arrived tweaked to handle the unique design requirements of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces.

JodyJazz Design

JodyJazz is a great success story of a small American company whose success stems from embracing technology to perfect a product for which there is an obvious need. While maintaining certain methods of old world craftsmanship, JodyJazz has seamlessly melded them with modern technologies to produce mouthpieces that are aesthetically pleasing, as well as acoustically consistent and advanced.

JodyJazz Craftsmanship

We here at SolidBox understand that just because a company may be small, its contributions may be grand in scale. Our goal is to empower ingenuity by offering reliability, support, and an equal thirst for innovation. We applaud JodyJazz for standing out as the preferred mouthpiece provider for musicians all over the world, and feel proud that SolidBox is able to contribute to their success. You can find a link to JodyJazz’s website by clicking the link below.