SolidBox and Dell

SolidBox and Delll

SolidBox stands for two things when it comes to hardware: performance and reliability. First performance: everyone who’s ever sat down at a computer has hoped for the best performance possible. This is a given, but not all of us have the time or knowledge necessary to build a workstation that provides optimal performance for the tasks we ask it to accomplish.

Creative Mobile ISO



SolidBox provides the right workstation for each individual customer with the right hardware to ensure not only amazing performance, but rock-solid reliability as well. This brings up the next point: reliability. We’ve developed our own benchmarks designed to test the performance of every single workstation we sell before it leaves our shop. Our benchmarks push the limits of each piece of hardware. This allows us to find and utilize the best hardware for programs like SOLIDWORKS, Mastercam, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

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Dell has been instrumental in the success of SolidBox for two reasons: performance and reliability. So, it seemed only natural that our workstations bear the Dell name. We have forged an amazing partnership with Dell that we hope to maintain and grow as both  our companies evolve. We are the premiere reseller of Dell Precision Class Workstations in the country. In addition, we also boast some of the highest satisfaction rates of any reseller.


The Dell name and legacy adds value to each SolidBox workstation we sell. We are constantly searching for ways to add value to an already amazing product. We accomplish this by actively creating our own marketing and educational contentWe love to educate our customers about Dell’s amazing customer support. You can see this in our articles about Dell ProSupport and Complete Care as well as the Keep Your Hard Drive program.

SolidBox and Dell Laptop Maintenance

We also keep the public up-to-date on the most current models and hardware with full HD video reviews.

Chris Smith holds Dave Bear's laptop.

Dave Bear’s custom SolidBox laptop with a skin designed by a fellow SOLIDWORKS forum member.

The bottom line is this: SolidBox is committed to reselling Dell hardware because we believe in Dell hardware. Dell workstations are synonymous with performance and reliability. At SolidBox, we pride ourselves on taking an already great product and making it better.