SolidBox vs Manufacturer Direct for CAD/CAM Workstations

People ask us almost daily, “why should I invest in a SolidBox rather than buying direct from Dell, HP, etc.?” Short answer: time-value. Time-value is a concept that is on or near the top of every CFO’s priority list. If just one engineer is unable to get the job done because of computer failure, the cost of that downtime is threefold. You’re not only losing just the time of the engineer, but also the time of the IT professional who is tasked with fixing the issue, and quite often, the time of other engineers or stake holders downstream in the design process.

Why We’re Here

SolidBox exists because of the high return on investment in time-value that you gain by deploying a turnkey, purpose-built solution. It’s our goal to have you working with your SolidBox as quickly as possible after it arrives. You won’t have to spend half a day downloading, installing, and setting up your CAD/CAM software. Plus, our integration process ensures that any SolidBox performs up to 20% faster when pitted against any system of comparable spec purchased directly from Dell or HP. That’s roughly 1 out of every 5 minutes of your design workflow you could be using elsewhere. This is why we are the leading Dell Precision workstation reseller.

The SolidBox Integration

 We talk a lot about our integration process for each SolidBox workstation that comes through our doors. However, another often overlooked consideration is how much time end users spend dealing with support requests. Most in-house support time on any PC occurs at the beginning with the installation and configuration of applications. We handle all of that, plus provide you with US-based support where you’re connected directly to an expert. Therefore, you spend the smallest amount of time supporting an errant hardware issue. We become your hardware support agents, and we can help you bridge the gap between CAD/CAM and IT. If you call Lenovo, HP, or even Dell directly, there’s a good chance that the support agent has never heard of SOLIDWORKS or Mastercam. We’re CAD/CAM experts, and understand the role of the PC in these advanced workflows.

Less Downtime

Don’t just take our word on the true cost of unmanaged computer hardware. According to the folks at Network Alliance, a leader in managed IT services, 80% of total IT costs occur after the initial purchase of hardware. The bulk of that comes from the configuration and troubleshooting that occurs after delivery of the workstation. On average, firms spend $700 per user per month when all IT expenses are factored. The SolidBox integration process has consistently driven these initial and recurring costs down to zero. Over the last 10 years, SolidBox has calculated its total investment towards post-sales technical support is approximately 1.25 hours per SolidBox, over the 3 year warranty period. That’s incredible when you consider that Dell & HP anticipate spending at least 5 hours of technical support on their systems, when servicing their direct customers. (Reference:

No Sales Tax for Most States

One final note, as of March 13, 2019, we can provide the best CAD/CAM workstations to most locations* sales tax-free. This consideration may seem small, but take for example a purchase of 3 new Engineering Desktop L2 SolidBox workstations, and something as trivial as sales tax can add up on a $12,159 invoice.

Of course there are far more reasons to outfit your CAD department with the best tool for the job. We hope to talk to you about your specific hardware challenges to explain those benefits. Contact us today to get the best CAD hardware in the business into the hands of your designers and engineers.