Introduction to Fusion 360 Online Course

The CAD landscape has shifted. Over the past two years, the industry leader – SolidWorks, has seen several new competitors pop up, each with incredible innovations. Designers and engineers are discovering CAD doesn’t have to be tied to a specific office, or even a specific workstation.

SolidWorks vs Windchill Onshape Autodesk Fusion 360 Partnership with Autodesk

By leveraging cloud computing technologies, this new generation of CAD tools allows designers to design wherever and whenever inspiration occurs.

Here at SolidBox, our CAD Experts have been testing and dissecting each of these new cloud-based CAD platforms. Consequently, we profess without a doubt that Autodesk’s Fusion 360 is the most complete cloud-based CAD suite on the market. Furthermore, at $300 a year, Fusion 360 presents the highest value for any CAD Suite from a purely cost-based standpoint.

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However, picking up a new CAD suite is never a mere trifle. Whether it’s SolidWorks, AutoCAD, PTC Creo, or other CAD Suite, learning the ins and outs undoubtedly requires time and guidance. Enter the SolidBox solution.

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The SolidBox Introduction To Fusion 360 Course

SolidBox has partnered with Autodesk as the premiere training provider for Fusion 360. Through this partnership, we have developed a comprehensive training curriculum that takes new users from the very beginnings of opening and working with a file, all the way to programming toolpaths for their finished parts in the amazingly powerful CAM workspace in Fusion 360.

Introduction to Fusion 360 Online Course Intro Screen Fusion 360 Training ServicesWe’ve based our online Introduction to Fusion 360 course on our highly successful multi-day local training events. Users gain access to this course through our learning portal, SolidBox.TV. Once there, you are free to learn at your own pace and tackle as many chapters as you wish. The course begins with a quick introduction to Fusion 360 and the user interface. Afterwards, the course takes you through importing existing CAD data, basic and advanced sketching, using Forms to create organic shapes, and multiple different workflows.

This course also delves into a myriad of other subjects. These include: how and when to create assemblies, how to share and collaborate on designs, as well as how to create illuminating animations, photo renders, and simulation data. And finally, we explore the aforementioned CAM functionality to round out the entire manufacturing cycle, all within the same interface.

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For this course, we provide you with an array of pre-configured parts and assemblies you can download and keep forever. Each chapter utilizes one of these parts to expose you to different design concepts, and workflows for realizing those concepts.

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As the premiere training provider for Autodesk’s Fusion 360, SolidBox developed the first and only course of its kind. Over 13 chapters and 58 total Lessons, you acquire the skills to master this new and exciting cloud-based CAD platform.

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SolidBox Introduction To Fusion 360 Course Price Breakdown

Whether your brand new to CAD or have a SolidWorks background, our Introduction to Fusion 360 course will give you the tools to design the products of the future. And at just $175 for the whole 13-chapter course, it’s a great value as well.

SolidBox Fusion 360 Course Alone $175
SolidBox Fusion 360 Course w/1-Hour “Getting-Started” Service Block $300
SolidBox Fusion 360 Course w/5-Hour “Full-Service” Service Block $675

Has the cost of training been prohibitive for you to learn a CAD platform? Or have you had enough of SolidWorks’ expensive and complicated subscription services? If so, then it’s time to give Fusion 360 a try. With a price-point unbeatable for the value provided, Fusion 360 is the Future of CAD. Now’s your chance to take advantage of this software with the most comprehensive training course on the planet.

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