3DConnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit – SolidBox Review

3dConnexion has dominated the left-hand CAD device market for some time now. After trying their line of products, it’s easy to see why – well-chosen materials and an overall feel of quality. More recently, 3DConnexion has branched into the right-handed side of the CAD Workstation, with the introduction of the CADMouse last year. The CADMouse is a very solid device that makes a compelling case to ditch your old two-button mouse in favor of it.

But just this month, we’ve been introduced to the 3DConnexion¬†SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit, which is a whole suite of devices unified into one amazing package. Included in this package is the CADMouse for your right hand and a newly redesigned left-hand device that takes the place of the venerable SpacePilot Pro at the top of the mountain, the SpaceMouse Enterprise. This device is newly re-designed to make your left-hand activities even more efficient than before.