Whole Hog Technologies Customer Feedback

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Whole Hog Technologies received our first SolidBox machine this week, and the initial reaction is that this is one amazing SolidWorks computer experience.

Prior to this new system, we have purchased computers directly from Dell, and really without any problems to speak of. Chris Castle and the SolidBox team however have a personal touch to add to the workstation experience, and since we spend most of our waking hours in front of a SolidWorks interface, we decided to give SolidBox a try.

The computer arrived as specified from the SolidBox site without much fanfare, but turning the system on really shows how the SolidBox system excels. From the system being completely off, to being able to launch SolidWorks and start modeling was about 30 seconds. 30 SECONDS. My workstation does the same, completely off to SolidWorks running in just under 8 minutes. A dinosaur compared to the SolidBox system.

From watching the system fly through opening large assemblies, check out files from the vault to regular SolidWorks modeling tasks, I don’t see any future systems coming from any vendor other than SolidBox. Thanks to Chris Castle, Joel Sears and the TeamSolidWorks crew for making our first SolidBox experience an awesome one!

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