SolidBox and Dell

SolidBox stands for two things when it comes to hardware: performance and reliability. First performance: everyone who’s ever sat down at a computer has hoped for the best performance possible. This is a given, but not all of us have the time or knowledge necessary to build a workstation that provides optimal performance for the tasks we ask it to accomplish.     SolidBox provides the right workstation for each individual customer with the right hardware to ensure not on

published March 15, 2019

SolidBox and Computer-aided Design (CAD)

We talk a lot about CAD here at SolidBox, but rarely in the context of what CAD actually is, and why SolidBox is the best possible solution for the demands of it. Computer-aided Design (CAD) as we know it today is vast and interactive. But it didn’t start that way. In fact, we’re just now reaching the maturity of several key players in the CAD world, most notably SOLIDWORKS, to where easily interacting with models that are generated by a computer, and collaborating with other designers is j

published November 05, 2018

Why do I need a CAD Workstation for SOLIDWORKS?

SolidBox has become SOLIDWORKS’ go-to for CAD workstations when people call in asking about hardware for SOLIDWORKS. Every week we get calls transferred from Waltham, MA and it’s usually someone wanting to know which NVIDIA GeForce video card to put in his or her computer or whether or not a Microsoft Surface can run SOLIDWORKS adequately (the answers are none and no). The larger question here is why do I need a CAD workstation for SOLIDWORKS? Why can’t I just use a gaming computer or a h

published October 23, 2018

My Gaming Computer Will Run SolidWorks, Won’t It? – SolidBox Spotlight

Here at SolidBox, we encounter SOLIDWORKS and Mastercam users from a vast amount of industries. Consequently, there seems to be one common question that we get from CAD/CAM folk across that wide array of industries. That SOLIDWORKS workstation question is some variation of this: I just built an expensive gaming computer, can I use it to run SOLIDWORKS/Mastercam as well?” The honest-to-God truth is yes. In fact, most gaming computers would accept an installation of SOLIDWORKS. And yes, yo

published December 06, 2016

Pluralsight and SolidBox Team Up To Provide Fusion 360 Training

For the past year+, the SolidBox team has been making the most of our partnership with Autodesk. Most noteworthy, this includes the SolidBox team training and evangelizing about Autodesk's cloud-based CAD suite, Fusion 360. As a result, SolidBox has engaged in several highly-successful live training events as the premiere provider of Fusion 360 training. Additionally, SolidBox has participated in webinars and remote training across the US. Based on the buzz created by these publ

published November 14, 2016
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