TMCo Inc. using SolidBox

SolidBox recently completed a sale to TMCo Inc. of Wewoka, OK. They specialize in the manufacture of orifice fittings for the measurement of natural gas. Jamie Broyles, Engineering Manager at TMCo, called to tell us how stoked he was about his new setup (a Professional Mobile System - M6500 Covet), and a little bit about how it's helped make his job easier: SB - How long have you been using SolidWorks? JB - About 8 years. SB - Why did you decide to go with SolidBox? JB - I had

published May 19, 2010

Bob’s Space Racers Inc. using SolidBox

Grab your mallets, it time to get wacky with the makers of Whac-A-Mole! SolidBox recently completed a sale to Bob's Space Racers Inc. of Daytona Beach, FL. If you've been to any Chuck-E-Cheese, Dave & Busters, or pretty much ANY amusement park, then you've seen their stuff in action. They manufacture a ton of amusement games such as the aforementioned Whac-A-Mole, Water Blast, as well as some interesting new products designed in SolidWorks. Tony Amos, the Product Development Engineer,

published April 24, 2010

What ails ya’? – A SolidBox Discussion

So, we all know that a faster workstation makes for a more enjoyable work experience, but what about the OTHER hardware you deal with day to day? Like your chair, your desk, your keyboard, your mouse? Maybe you don't have to worry about your chair crashing, but perhaps it's still a pain in the butt... or back, or legs? Especially for those of us who spend most of our day behind a desk cranking out designs in SolidWorks. Something that is becoming an issue more and more for me personally ha

published April 24, 2010

CSWE – Bring it on!

So, by now most of you have heard of the NEW certification SolidWorks is offering, the Certified SolidWorks EXPERT. Jeez, so the CSWP is now relegated to "Peon"? J/K. It's great to see the bar raised, and it will be interesting to see how challenging the new test is. Regardless of how you feel concerning the value of being certified, there's no doubt that the PROCESS of preparing to take the certification exams is a HUGE benefit, since it helps you learn new tools that you never even considered

published April 17, 2010

How-To Videos Poll

Take this SURVEY and let us know! What kind of How-To videos are you interested in? Hardware Tweaking SolidWorks settings OS optimization Printer/Plotter setup Modeling techniques You can also leave a comment and let us know.

published April 17, 2010
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