SolidWorks User Interface Customization – SolidBox TV Episode

So, you've just invested in a seat of SolidWorks and a SolidBox workstation to design the products of the future. You turn on your machine for the first time and activate your license of SolidWorks. Now what? For newer users, you take what you learned in your SolidWorks Essentials course and start modeling. However, SolidWorks out of the box probably isn't set up for your specific modeling habits. Furthermore, you might find yourself spending more time searching for tools than using them. This i

published April 08, 2015

Windows System Image Restore – SolidBox Presents

Have you ever downloaded a file from an untrusted source, only to find it accompanied by a virus or malware? Oh, if only you could restore your computer to an image of itself before it contracted the deadly virus. Well, we at SolidBox have been preaching and practicing the creation of Windows System Images since the beginning. In this post we'll discuss Windows System Images and how to perform a Windows System Image restore. What is a Windows System Image? When you create a Windows System I

published January 08, 2015

Installing SolidWorks Electrical – SolidBox How To

Installing SolidWorks Electrical SolidWorks Electrical has revolutionized how we plan the electrics in our designs. We no longer have to rely on design input from outside sources. Especially when it comes to routing embedded electrical systems in parts, assemblies or other applications. SolidWorks now gives you complete electrical functionality. With an integrated library database with more than 500,000 commonly used parts at your disposal, installing SolidWorks Electrical cuts out the guesswo

published November 02, 2012

Dell M6600 Upgrade and Installation of a SSD and RAM

Your SolidBox workstation is an amazing piece of machinery capable of infinite possibilities. However, the nature of all hardware is that it will be obsolete in a shockingly short amount of time. So, even if you're happy with your SolidBox, when that time comes, you might still want to upgrade your hardware. This can include a Dell M6600 upgrade along with installation of a Solid State Hard Drive and some extra RAM. In this new SolidBox Exclusive video, Chris Castle breaks down each and e

published November 01, 2012

"Clean Uninstall" Prep for SolidWorks 2013 – SolidBox How To

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 SolidWorks 2013 is finally here. With hundreds of updates and tweaks designed to make your workflow easier than ever, you’re definitely going to want to dig right in and explore everything it has to offer. However, how do you ensure that all of your personalized system settings will transfer over to the new version? You’ve spent a lot of time making sure your templates and weldment profiles are easily accessible. You’ve crafted your shortcuts menu to allow you to

published October 24, 2012
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