Johnnie Floyd—Homo Fabian

This 90-Year-Old Engineer Uses SOLIDWORKS Everyday to Help Make the World a Better Place. Longtime SolidBox customer Johnnie Floyd has an invention that can change the world. I called it a “paradigm shift” which he justifiably said is a cliché, but it really is. It’s a new way of approaching prescription eye wear. His invention, called Lnzwear, would eschew the existing labor-intensive process of matching a person with the right glasses. Better yet, the user wouldn’t even need to

published February 24, 2021

Indmar Marine Engines – Customer Spotlight

Working in the world of 3D-CAD is great because talented people use the tools to design such a wide variety of products. At SolidBox, we have worked with people designing everything from electric heating elements to mountain bikes, pizza ovens, and even monster trucks. Repeat SolidBox customer Indmar designs some of the best marine engines available for high performance towboats (used for wakeboarding and waterskiing) and jetboats (used for going up and down whitewater rivers). They do this

published February 15, 2018

Whole Hog Technologies Customer Feedback

Whole Hog Technologies received our first SolidBox machine this week, and the initial reaction is that this is one amazing SolidWorks computer experience. Prior to this new system, we have purchased computers directly from Dell, and really without any problems to speak of. Chris Castle and the SolidBox team however have a personal touch to add to the workstation experience, and since we spend most of our waking hours in front of a SolidWorks interface, we decided to give SolidBox a try. Th

published September 17, 2012

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